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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many players is this game designed for?
- This game is designed for 2-5 players, one Victim and 1 to 4 Bad Bears.

2. Where an I buy Bad Bears: The Game?
- You can buy Bad Bears on our Webstore, or visit us in person at one of the events listed on   our webpage.

3. Where do I find Booster Packs?
- Booster Packs can be purchased on the Webstore, or visit us in person at one of the events listed on our webpage.

4. Do you Have stuffed Bad Bears available?
- We do not have stuffed Bad Bears available at this time. however, we are working on a line of hand cast and painted resin Bad Bear figurines. Coming Soon....

5. How do I get another copy of the rules?
- You can find another copy of our rules by visiting the Game Rules page (see link in the menu above). There are downloadable, and printable, PDF available. Please note, these are made for 8 1/2" x 14", legal sized paper.

6. My cards are numbered X/493. Are there 493 cards available?
- Yes, this first version of the Bad Bears: The Game™ has 493 cards. It was created as a Collector Card Game. While the decks come with 180 cards standard, others cards can be collected through available Booster Packs. Cards come in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and Extremely Rare.

7. My deck has a small FP on the back. What does this mean?
- If your deck has FP on the back, it means that it is one of the Limited Edition First Print Runs. We only printed a total of 600 First Print Run decks.

8. Are there other versions of Bad Bears: The Game™ available?
Bad Bears: How to Build a Killer™ is the only version presently in print, however there are other versions in production.

Rules Clarifications

1. If players have 2 one handed weapons in play, which weapon is used to attack?
- The player chooses which weapon they attack with, but they MUST declare which weapon they are attacking with BEFORE attacking.

2. If two Interference cards are played, which one applies?
- Both cards apply, however the effects occur in the order in which the cards hit the table.

Game Variants

Blood Bath - May the Baddest Bear Win
- In Blood Bath there is no Victim. Set the Victim Deck aside and all players pick from the Crazy Cub Avatars. The game is played with only the Bad Bear and Community Decks.

Expanded - Two Victims, 5 Bad Bears
- Players may choose to expand the number of players by adding up to one Victim or Bad Bear. Please note that the addition of another Bad Bear without the addition of another Victim will make it much harder for the Victim to survive.

Carnage - Two Deck Variant
- This variant allows for a larger group to play. You may have up to 4 Victims and 10 Bad Bears in play. Please note that this many players can make the game unwieldy and overly lengthy. Be prepared for the fur to fly.

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